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  1. Jim
    Unsubscribe please
  2. Jim
    Cancel this account & all further emails.
  3. btnewton1208
    I must be stupid...I can't figure out how to make a thread on here
  4. Michael
    Thanks for adding me. I have a 2009 Cobalt. I bought it new in Indy. It currently has 164,000 miles.
  5. Lewis Van Tassel
    Lewis Van Tassel
    Living the dream! Commuting nearly 200 miles/day. Got to keep this little guy running for at least another 50K miles.
  6. Romal
    Rattling noise from the rear when going over any bump, can anyone help?
  7. depa
    New to owning a car, trying to learn basic proper maintenance.
  8. showbalt
    Hey just started here i have a 06 cobalt ltz with eibach pro springs and 35%window tint all the way around
  9. Kenneth gray
    Kenneth gray
    Hello, my name is Kenny and I own a sunburst orange 2006 cobalt ss supercharged.
  10. Twintechsouth
    Twintechsouth gberland
    Do u still have pics of the remote start install, still trying to hook this bypass up,, thanks