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  1. Danny Keel
    Danny Keel
    I have an HHR...sorry.
  2. Kurt77Z28
    I need help to verify weather or not a 2005 Cobalt 2.2-liter L61 engine can be replaced with a 2003 Saturn Ion 2.2-liter LSJ engine?
  3. BobbyG
    2009 Cobalt fuel gauge does not indicate full when full.
  4. Maintenancemark
    Can I install a stereo with aux port from a 2007saturn into my 2006cobalt?
  5. Jim
    Unsubscribe please
  6. Jim
    Cancel this account & all further emails.
  7. btnewton1208
    I must be stupid...I can't figure out how to make a thread on here
  8. Michael
    Thanks for adding me. I have a 2009 Cobalt. I bought it new in Indy. It currently has 164,000 miles.
  9. Lewis Van Tassel
    Lewis Van Tassel
    Living the dream! Commuting nearly 200 miles/day. Got to keep this little guy running for at least another 50K miles.
  10. Romal
    Rattling noise from the rear when going over any bump, can anyone help?