2007 Cobalt RS-time to mod

Discussion in 'Performance' started by B-Wass, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Jul 12, 2017
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    To start this out, my wife moved to northeast Indiana to be with me from Cincinnati Ohio. She brought her 07 Cobalt. The first thing I did was put a cherry bomb exhaust on. Recently I also deleted the resonator from the exhaust system and replaced the flex connector to the Cats. Reason for these mods, I began noticing the exhaust getting louder and louder as well as a gradual loss of acceleration power.
    Since the recent mods have finished, I now have a bit of a power gain compared to the stock exhaust and a bit nicer sound.

    Some point in the near future, I would like to get a proper cold air intake installed as well as a turbo kit. Mind you, this car is practically a base model 2.2L Ecotech.

    Has anybody else done these mods? If so, were they truly beneficial or not? What order should I do them in?

    I know at some point I'll have to get it retuned, but that's a ways down the road.

    Any advice would be great. I've got all the time I'm the world to throw at this car.

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