2010 cobalt turbo showing code po299

Discussion in 'Performance' started by wildchild, Sep 6, 2018.

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    Sep 6, 2018
    hi i have a 2010 cobalt turbo that i use as a track car .last time out at track the boost would shut down on driving at speed showing no boost .the engine at that point made very little power. as i was driving if i cycled key off then on the boost would come back on for short time before shutting down again to no boost. every time i would cycle key off then on boost would come back. the car showed on a scanner a fault code of po299 [witch is no boost] seems funny that boost comes back then goes out again. i think its electronic causing this problem. also at times when driving and sliding around the esc not working and needs to be serviced would light up on dash but then go away when key cycled. any help on this would be great thanks john

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