Car will not crank nor start

Discussion in 'LS, LT, LTZ' started by Preston_08, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Mar 25, 2018
    Been battling this thing for a while and had time to start looking into things. Car was running and driving fine, then out of the blue would turn off while pulling out or backing a few times. Also, would go somewhere and then come out to leave and it would not crank or start. Codes came up with the O2 sensor, and VVT Solenoids. Replaced both Solenoids and it seemed to run good for few days then did the same thing. Now, it will not try to start period anytime. Checked codes today and got a P0445 code. Previously the car had rusted fuel lines before then back axle and I had those sections replaced. Any input as to what I need to be looking for?

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