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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ladykiller, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Feb 24, 2011
    my 2006 cobalt keeps burning out headlights tail light signal lites basicly all extereror lights. i dont know what is going on. i am very frustrated. need help.
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    First off, do you have the correct amp rating fuse in the fuse box for that circuit? If too high of an amp rating is used it will cause the bulbs to blow if high amperage is experienced in the circuit.

    also I need a bit more info. When do the lights burn out? Do they burn out immediately after installation and energizing the circuit? Do they blow out most often when it is raining/wet conditions?

    Could be the alternator over charging, a bad ground somewhere could be the case.

    Electrical diagnosis is the worst because there is no book that shows you step by step and is very time consuming. It is virtually impossible to tell without having the vehicle in front of me and taking voltage, ohm and amperage readings. If you have no experience in electronics I highly suggest taking it to a dealership or other shop that has a good reputation for electrical diagnosis because it is so difficult.

    If you have a digital multimeter. I need an amperage reading at the fuse box for the affected circuit(s). Also I need a voltage reading of the alternator output with the key on engine running at ~2000 RPMs.
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