secondary air injection shutoff and check valve

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    Jul 17, 2010
    I got a DCE code P0411 and P2440. P2440 is the secondary air injection system shutoff valve stuck open. P0411 is secondary air injection system fault. I checked with the book and dealer and the whole housing has to be replaced as one. $255 found one for $145 online but still i don't have the money for that. Has anyone had this problem before? Do you know how the electrical connection is wired out on top of this unit? I was wondering if its a relay and maybe there are some wires shorted or something causing it to open. When I pulled it out, the valve was closed. So I guess I don't quite understand how this works.
    The dealer pn: 12619076
    ac delco pn: 214-2146
    The number on top of the unit:

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