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  1. abel apodaca
    abel apodaca
    Looking for a used motor 2.0 preferably for my 2007 cobalt ss
  2. Mgordy
    2009 Cobalt 4 door Lt, hit a tree, car had previously been in accident so already had fault codes, after repairing, limp mode and revs high
  3. kovi
    Horn help. 2009 LS horn tests good. I hear what sounds like a relay in the fuse box. is there a horn relay on the firewall? I'm stumped.
  4. Seles
    My car is currently going through a teenage rebel phase and needs an attitude adjustment.
  5. Nick Miller
    Nick Miller
    2010 Cobalt LT Coupe, 4 spd auto, victory red
  6. RedCobalt93
    Here to get opinions
  7. skydvrvalco
    07 ss 2.4 315,000 miles. factory plugs. factory coolant!!! best engine on the planet!!!
  8. Danny Keel
    Danny Keel
    I have an HHR...sorry.
  9. Kurt77Z28
    I need help to verify weather or not a 2005 Cobalt 2.2-liter L61 engine can be replaced with a 2003 Saturn Ion 2.2-liter LSJ engine?
  10. BobbyG
    2009 Cobalt fuel gauge does not indicate full when full.