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  1. Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez
    I found rear end of 08 SC and got it was wondering could I use the hhr rear hubs because I have a LT Cobalt non abs
  2. Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez
    I need a bit of help
  3. daveyboy
    Underdog SS Turbo for the win!
  4. abel apodaca
    abel apodaca
    Just got a 2.2 l61 to replace the block on my lsj
  5. abel apodaca
    abel apodaca
    Looking for a used motor 2.0 preferably for my 2007 cobalt ss
  6. Mgordy
    2009 Cobalt 4 door Lt, hit a tree, car had previously been in accident so already had fault codes, after repairing, limp mode and revs high
  7. kovi
    Horn help. 2009 LS horn tests good. I hear what sounds like a relay in the fuse box. is there a horn relay on the firewall? I'm stumped.
  8. Seles
    My car is currently going through a teenage rebel phase and needs an attitude adjustment.
  9. Nick Miller
    Nick Miller
    2010 Cobalt LT Coupe, 4 spd auto, victory red
  10. RedCobalt93
    Here to get opinions