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Sep 29, 2010
    1. 07MetallicSC
      yea your girl is hot im not gonna lie lol.

      yeah thats fucked i hate that site, maven thinks hes gods gift to cobalts, and dc5 can take his ass and follow what that reality guy did this week in canada and hang himself. I had him in my sig for the longest time that i didnt like him. Thats fucked he has to bring your son into whatever beef he had with you, shows how much NOT of a man he is. Either way man nice work on the balt that shits really coming together nicely. Want to make me that center piece :) lol.
    2. Hailcesar75
      ha ha i see you like my girls pic.
    3. Hailcesar75
      thanks for the comments

      well to make a long story short. maven started shit with me, dc52nv jumped in and insulted me and my son. i told him hes lucky he aint in front of me cuz i wouldve knocked him the **** out!! he gave me an infraction. i told him to shove it up his ass. so he banned me. AND he deleted the post where he insulted me and my son. guess he knew he was wrong

      just cuz hes a mod gives him no right to insult my son
    4. 07MetallicSC
      Im unemployed :-( so I just played Ps3 today. it was 95* out. No way I was goin outside lol
    5. jmarie
      i'm just chillin until i have to go to work at 1 :)
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