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    those are zip ties. and yes, budget build like crazy. worked out sick though. all i have to say is, this car is just an expression of my taste in the automotive trend world. i know what i'm doing here and it's crazy but it gets me from a to b just how i like it.
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    sorry admin delete if necessary! here's the new pics.
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    been awhile.
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    How to - Sound + Look good for cheap?

    coilovers, full exhaust, low offset wide wheels. call it a day.:gr_grin:
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    coilover install ques???

    if you are lowering the strut in the sleeve make sure you raise it first about a quarter inch, clean the threads with a wire brush and then lower it. this way you'll never have that problem.
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    Car Dies When Stoping

    also check the evap purge solenoid to make sure its not stuck open.
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    parts needs to go

    need meth stuffzz. pm sent
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    frame bang gang!
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    "Secret " TSB : Timing chain

    nooope, this is what you hear all the techs complaining about when theyre doing timing chains. the tensioner failing will just make the chain tighter and more vulnerable to stretching eventually breaking.
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    TSB: Noise From Rear Suspension

    thanks man :) posted a complete list of tsb's in the tsb section.
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    "Secret " TSB : Timing chain

    ah shit i've been looking for this! you say it was deleted from dealer world? that's funny cause i often find myself wondering why there's tons of ecotecs and lambda crossovers coming into the shop for timing chains and no tsb or recall!
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    Valve Chatter

    lol...i am talking silly talk. but yeah if the cats fucked you know what to do man.
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    Valve Chatter

    i would gut the cat, get tuned, call it a day.
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    ff_drift_lol's COTM Submission

    hahahaha sort of more like fat chicks vs. my butthole
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    ff_drift_lol's COTM Submission

    dey bwoken :( yes and it's pearl white mostly used on cadillacs with satin pink barrels. thanks guys!

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