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  1. SideShow Bob

    DRL - where's the Loop wire?

    A little late but, If you have an automatic transmission, your ignition switch needs to be in the run position and the transmission in drive for the DRL’s to come on. I don’t know about a standard transmission. Get a good wiring schematic and lay out to find and trace out the circuit run...
  2. SideShow Bob

    05/06 transmission

    You’re a bit cryptic don’t cha know....... Are you paying by the word ? Anyway, welcome to the forum. Try explaining what you are trying to do, we are not mind readers here, and have not been in your conversation until your post.
  3. SideShow Bob

    Passenger side drive axle bad?

    Meh, If the Cobalt is equipped with the premium Pioneer stereo, turn up the bass boost And crank the volume up to 11, & the rubbing/groaning will go away...... Is the car an auto or standard trans ? It doesn’t increase in rpm or volume with speed ? (IE - like a u-joint on an old drive shaft...
  4. SideShow Bob

    L61 Parts

    You do know that you responded to a 10 year old thread, don’t you ?
  5. SideShow Bob

    Control arm, struts and fuel leaks...and a terrible dealership

    Call the GM number dealing with recalls and the like. There are certain states that Cobalts sold when new that are covered for fuel line repairs. If you are covered in this, let them know what stealership is trying to make you pay for a covered technical bulletin or recall. You should read my...
  6. SideShow Bob

    Looking at a 2007 LT...what do I need to know?

    Look underneath at the gas tank area and see if there is any staining from fuel leakage or run it for a few miles and when you stop and while it is still running go to the rear sides and look for gas leaking or odor of gasoline. See this thread ...
  7. SideShow Bob

    Minor Miracle on 13+ year old Cobalt LT. Coupe

    450 views & no comments...... It’s going on three months since everything was replaced, and still going good.
  8. SideShow Bob

    Fuel pump 2008 cobalt lt

    Where did you get it from ? Did you keep your receipt ? Did you contact the seller about a return ? Does it fit and is just a little different physically ? Did you check with the GM website to see if there was a bulletin about changing the part from what was original ? And did you check for any...
  9. SideShow Bob

    MPG on your Balts ?

    This forum seems to be dying a slow drawn out death. In an effort to regain some interest, I am asking what kind of mileage are you getting with your Cobalt ? Here is a picture of my fuel economy gauge, this isn’t a fluke, the mileage is repeatable. It is approx. 6 miles of city stop signal to...
  10. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    It’s been about 2 months since this post. Did the Stealership repair your fuel leak under the recall ?
  11. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    Duplicate post.
  12. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    I stand corrected, the stealership can get new fuel tanks for a 2007 Cobalt, see my thread titled “Minor Miracle......”
  13. SideShow Bob

    Minor Miracle on 13+ year old Cobalt LT. Coupe

    I must have someone up there looking out for me ! Just got a call back (an hour and a half ago) from the Stealership, my 13+ year old beater commuter car is completely covered by a special service tech bulletin, #12191B, the fuel tank, fuel pump and filler hose from the tank to the steel filler...
  14. SideShow Bob


    Have you had the computer read for any stored codes ? Also another thing to check is the impact sensor under the front body panels somewhere could have the connector askew or gone bad.
  15. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    Hey tbone, You can call your local stealership with your vin handy, you May get lucky, it was cars sold in 5 states that were recalled for the fuel line leak. A 20% chance is better than no chance of a free repair.
  16. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    That looks like one of the fuel line hangers/clips. Is the leak actually at this location, or could the fuel be traveling down the fuel lines and dripping off at a low point ? If it is the fuel line(s) there was a service bulletin for replacing them, but it was for cars sold new in a few...
  17. SideShow Bob

    Fuel problem

    From your pictures and description I cannot tell where your fuel leak is. If it is in the area of in front of and inside of the drivers rear tire, you probably have the semi-common problem of rotted fuel lines. There is no factory recalls for this, so you are on your own to repair it. If it is...
  18. SideShow Bob

    New to the forum, might be buying a 07 Cobalt Ls manual

    Do a car fax search for your local area to see what is valued at. And consider body, interior and drivability conditions. If you think it is worth, buy it.
  19. SideShow Bob

    New to the forum, might be buying a 07 Cobalt Ls manual

    A manual trans/axle should have a fill plug somewhere, the gear lube should be at the fill plug level when the plug is removed.
  20. SideShow Bob

    New to the forum, might be buying a 07 Cobalt Ls manual

    As with any used car purchase, check for fluid leaks before and after driving it. With a Cobalt and it’s associated recall for gas leaks, after driving check for gasoline odors in front and behind the drivers and passengers rear wheels, set the parking brake and out of gear and running while...
  21. SideShow Bob

    small travel trailer?

    If you still have your owners manual, if not you can download it for free online, it states that you can tow light trailers, you will need a proper receiver hitch setup. The manual will be more specific as to weight load limits.
  22. SideShow Bob

    2010 Base Cobalt automatic no reverse

    You think that will happen ? Your little girl has you wrapped around her little finger, and after driving a G8 do think she will be satisfied going back to a Cobalt ? ;)
  23. SideShow Bob

    Is this model supposed to be turbo'd?

    Contact a Chevy dealer or GM website with your VIN handy and ask them to look up the factory options on your car. There are some websites that can tell you what the option codes mean on the sticker under the carpet in your trunk.
  24. SideShow Bob

    Can Somebody PLEASE tell me what this part is 2008 Cobalt LS. Thanks

    Edit your picture and circle what you are referring to......

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