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  1. jmarie

    NEWBIE NEEDS SOME HELP...please...

    Take it back to the dealer. Since it happened to soon after buying they will prob be like uh,wtf. Plus what steve said they should be able to find out if its something easy like that. and to keep you from stalling again at idle.. 2 feet it. one on brake one on gas and lightly hit the throttle...
  2. jmarie

    Hello!!! New to this forum.

  3. jmarie

    new :)

    welcome to this cobalt site :P see you are joining them all ahah
  4. jmarie

    Project JDM continued, AIT fenders.......PICS!!!

    1- OMG YOU ARE ALIVE 2- omg im alive too. 3- awesome skills 4- i actually dig it. 5- far away color doesnt look off, and well.. all our fenders don't perfectly match... ahah
  5. jmarie

    The Official Maryland Thread!

    sorry i so MIA. last minute BUT there is a meet on dec 12th at arundel mills mall at the D&B we will be parking outside the dave and busters area. where the sign is outside of the mall. we will be meeting at 1030/11 am
  6. jmarie

    hey guys

    welcome :)
  7. jmarie

    Hello from the south!

    welcome :) Lt lovee
  8. jmarie

    New Shoes

    very nice
  9. jmarie

    Ooh Piece of Candy *Pics*

    nice color! get color matched handles though :)
  10. jmarie

    The Official Maryland Thread!

    at the drag way?
  11. jmarie

    New Team Member Here From Houston Texas.

    hello &welcome! post some pics up
  12. jmarie

    My new graphics

    i think its a little much for both sets or stripes.... i like the side more though
  13. jmarie

    my first cobalt- new member

    hello & welcome to the site! :) post pics up of the tint job!
  14. jmarie

    Mini Morimoto D2S Retro

    !! very nice...
  15. jmarie

    Male OR Female

    wooo my thread still lives
  16. jmarie

    The Official Maryland Thread!

    idk who that is lol.... could be someone who got suckered into trading trunks with an SS lol
  17. jmarie

    The Official Maryland Thread!

    then some MD ppl on .net might have seen you around then. but idk
  18. jmarie

    The Official Maryland Thread!

    you have your car with you?
  19. jmarie

    Auto Start

    ANY positive fuse will reset pretty sure if you want to pull a specific one, look in the manual for the auto start if you still have it.
  20. jmarie

    Replacing my old Kia

    i say go for it, just basic needs. i am on 30K+ and its going strong... and its an 07. granted i dont drive as much as you or as much as i use to but i haven't had any problems.
  21. jmarie


    Our windows come with a factory tint... i believe its 70%. 30-20% is probably the best. (the reason why you guys tint reads darker than it "really" is :P) Anything darker IMHO is too dark. Darker the tint is the harder it is to see at night,etc. ---------- Post added at 07:16 PM ----------...
  22. jmarie

    Auto Start

    Get a new remote or pull a + fuse out...
  23. jmarie

    New from Long Island

    welcome to the site!
  24. jmarie


    no... there are 5 lug steelies on LT's... i;ve seen them... lol
  25. jmarie

    Better gas mileage?

    i've changed my driving habits. lol

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