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    Columbia Mo here

    Welcome mayne.. Springfield, MO here.
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    goo gone

    goo gone worked perfect for me. i took off the vinyl easily with a hair dryer and this stuff in 50 degree weather. Worked great.
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    welcome mayne, nice whip.
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    new windshield?

    i got mine replaced for 200 even.
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    Heyy what's up marie. thanks for the add!

    Heyy what's up marie. thanks for the add!
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    Ok so here is better pics of the balt

    looks good man, im really diggen that grill you got. whered u get it at? ijust painted my stock one black..
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    Hey Everyone

    welcome shagmeyer
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    Chevy Cobalt Arm Rest Grey

    Wow, what a find.
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    How I detail my cars

    Looks good bro, come do my car!
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    Hi from victory_red_SS

    welcome man
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    New Guy From Houston TX

    Welcome broham
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    Yippie yo, you know this kid!?

    welcome man.
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    Thanks guys appreciate it. yeah all credit too mr. Trey there for recruiting. nice job mayne. Love the site thus far guys! *Thumbs up*
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    Just another cobalt

    Sleek car man and welcome
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    Hey what's up everyone? my names nic, and i am a member over on i drive an 08 cobalt ls with light mods. I got an invite and decided to check this place out. i'm getting tired of the database errors and performing the 20 minute refresh. so im going to make this place my new cobalt home...

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