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  1. DaveBlank

    Radio shorting out?

    Turns out my battery was bad. To the point the sides were like jello. The car mostly sat at that point. Fresh battery and it was good to go.
  2. DaveBlank

    ARK GT-F Lowering Springs

    Just took these off. Springs broke after about 15k miles
  3. DaveBlank

    How Do I Get Rid of My VHT and Clear on my Tails

    pretty sure you can strip them with the 3m stuff or paint thinner, then spray some clear coat on them again. should look brand new.
  4. DaveBlank

    Anybody here from WV?

    nah... i have lowrise, i ran around wingless for a while also. i dont have many mods. the only way you could tell mine apart would be decal, tinted tails, or the drop. i dont roll through princeton much. i go down to exit 1.
  5. DaveBlank

    Anybody here from WV?

    I go to Bluefield State. i drive an ls, but it is red and 2 dr.
  6. DaveBlank

    updated pix

    looks good.
  7. DaveBlank

    Anybody here from WV?

    You are from Princeton? I go to college in bluefield. I havent been on here in forever. Having all kinds of problems out of my balt...
  8. DaveBlank

    what next?

    I'm gonna say upgrade the rims,racing seats/harness, projectors/HID, fire extinguishers on the pillars lol
  9. DaveBlank


    35% isnt really that dark I would probably go for 20% or so
  10. DaveBlank

    Some new pics of the SS/TC

    noice...saw the fog lights last night they look good.
  11. DaveBlank

    Trailer Hitch

    LOL @ civic vs cobalt+trailer vid
  12. DaveBlank

    How to: Fix headlight screw ins?

    soldering probably wouldn't hold it.
  13. DaveBlank

    todays work

    your cobalt has mascara.
  14. DaveBlank

    uneven ride height.

    I wondered about this also. I have ARK lowering springs. On the driver side the tire is almost tucked, give or take a cm. On the passenger side I can fit 2 fingers. I am a lil heavy(208 lbs) but I dont think that is doing it.
  15. DaveBlank

    How to - Sound + Look good for cheap?

    just start taking stuff out... subwoofers, seats, spare tire, jack...anything heavy
  16. DaveBlank

    How to - Sound + Look good for cheap?
  17. DaveBlank

    How to - Sound + Look good for cheap?

    putting a cloth/leather boot on the ebrake instead of the plastic casing.
  18. DaveBlank

    How to - Sound + Look good for cheap?

    -Debadging -Bowtie overlay(s) -Weight reduction -Paint: -Headlights -Bowties -Drum Brakes/Calipers -Trim -door panels -headliner -A pillars -door inserts -Rims -Air Box Mod(s) -Antenna Chop -Pedal covers -NiteShades -24Designs emblem decals -remove engine cover -white gauges ($25...
  19. DaveBlank

    Newfag here.

    Welcome...never heard about the cat trick before. haha.
  20. DaveBlank

    Rattling drivers side door handle - BASS

    You have a fish bumping your door handle ? Try some dynamat or something in the trunk and inside of the doors if you havent already.
  21. DaveBlank

    Car Dies When Stoping

    lol... it works for me.
  22. DaveBlank

    Referral Contest! you can get them pretty cheap. have to design your own... it is like $15 for 250 of them. it says 3.99 but shipping is 10 bucks.
  23. DaveBlank

    Hid's in Stock Housing Who Has Done It?

    I do. They are not too bad. I think eBay projectors would be a better choice as far as blinding people. You will just have to deal with peeling lenses and burnt out LEDs.
  24. DaveBlank

    Radio shorting out?

    got in it on the way home and it drove fine... still keeping my appointment at the stealership though.
  25. DaveBlank

    Radio shorting out?

    My radio cuts out and comes back on when I tap my brakes and when I turn the turn signal on. I also lost all power to the gaues and DIC. Cant get it in to the dealer until wednesday. Anybody know whats up?

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