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  1. CFCobalt


    thassa berry nice.... still have the lambo doors? or did you take those off?
  2. CFCobalt

    CFCobalt's Show Car Build

    lmao....still h8u.... true true...hmmmm.....when i go stage 2 in april, ill just add that to the
  3. CFCobalt

    CFCobalt's Show Car Build

    finally some pics of the completed SC (yes that is a stick holding my hood up...lmao) ill make some vids either tonight or tomorrow....hehehe.... it is a freaking blast tho....good lord this one might get me in trouble...
  4. CFCobalt

    New to Modding

    true....i always forget my lt is weird for coming with 5 lugs...
  5. CFCobalt

    New to Modding

    first off i dont think i told you welcome all depends on what direction youre going with your modding e.g. power/performance, looks/cosmetics, or (my personal favorite) all of the above...and from what it sounds like in your post...youre going for...
  6. CFCobalt

    Official Ricer Thread

    Cobalt... :rofl:
  7. CFCobalt

    Hey CCF!!!!

    worth every single penny....hands down
  8. CFCobalt

    shot some pix

    still one of my favorite base models EVAR...
  9. CFCobalt

    Sorry but,I dont actually like Cobalts,Or Chevys for that matter. want to spend money to modify a rental....then return it back to you can get your "lightly modded" ford back...
  10. CFCobalt

    another new guy!

    i know you! over dude
  11. CFCobalt

    whitney from wv

  12. CFCobalt

    January 2012 COTM Submission Thread

    my sc goes in on thursday...then i'll enter.... and i finally was able to get this site to load....after like
  13. CFCobalt

    November COTM Submission Thread

    so sad...
  14. CFCobalt

    Radio in g5 gone dead

    check yo fuses! seriously....thats my best educated guess...
  15. CFCobalt

    Electric Supercharger?

    $2200 for EVERYTHING (youre right, except the tune)....not just the SC i was lucky and scored a brand new one on ebay for $500....another option to check for you...
  16. CFCobalt

    Smoked the lights

    this^ and not to sound like an asshat...but.... a) how bad is your headlight output going to be affected? b) how are you not gonna get pulled over for it?
  17. CFCobalt

    Electric Supercharger?

    or try here...ZZP Bolt-on SC Kit its what im
  18. CFCobalt

    1 more n00b on CCF

  19. CFCobalt

    oil life indicator

    i've read....(although never tried because i have an LT)....that turning the key to the ON position, putting the car in neutral, pressing your gas pedal three times within 7 seconds, returning the car to park, and starting the engine works... could be complete bs....but it never hurts to try...
  20. CFCobalt

    Doing a redesign on the skin.

  21. CFCobalt

    carbon fiber wraped and cleared steering wheel trim want now!
  22. CFCobalt

    Supercharged 2.2

    also zzp has a sc kit that you can buy...
  23. CFCobalt

    CAI 2007 Chevy cobalt ls 2.2

    Injen... ---------- Post added at 09:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:47 AM ---------- ahaHAHAHAHA :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  24. CFCobalt

    Aftermarket Foglights

    damn ken i wish i had half of your usually just wing it and hope i dont blow the car up...

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