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  1. e.nigma

    Brake booster

    I did a forum search but didn't get any hits. My son's 06 Cobalt has an intermittent hissing sound under the dash when he hits the brakes( seems worse in warmer weather.) It also seems to be keeping the brakes applied after he releases the pedal, he has to pull back up on the pedal after...
  2. e.nigma

    traction control

    Most GM cars turn off the TC when you push the button, When you restart the car, the TC turns back on by default.
  3. e.nigma

    Abs issues

    OK I'm a dumbass, apparantly. 2007. C0040. Checked the wheel sensor, it has continuity, approx 1500ohms. Wanted to check wiring for breaks, but the colors at the module don't match the colors at the steering knuckle connector.
  4. e.nigma

    Abs issues

    I have a 2 part question. 1, does the ABS module have to be paired to the BCM? 2, anyone have a picture of the pinout of the connector for the module. I'm trying to check the circuit to the RF sensor . but can't find the correct wires for on the ABS connector.
  5. e.nigma

    Cobalt DTC and T/C issues

    So far, I've replaced the #1 coil, (new plugs while I was there)Compression check too. 150-160 across the board,first bump was to around 100 on all cyls if I remember correctly. I don't have a leakdown tester,something to add to the list. Removed and cleaned the injectors,swapped the #1 and #3...
  6. e.nigma

    Cobalt DTC and T/C issues

    Now, another question. I'd like to check the connections and grounds to the ECM. If I unplug it to check the connector, it shoudn't lose it's pairing to the BCM,should it? Ed
  7. e.nigma

    Cobalt DTC and T/C issues

    Yeah, I was concerned with that that one. Especially since it could explain the connection between the rough trans, poor idle and TC error light.
  8. e.nigma

    Cobalt DTC and T/C issues

    2007 2.2 I think. It sets a P0301 cyl1 misfire code, then shortly after, the T/C warning comes on and the car begins to shift roughly.Then it b.egins to idle rough ABS code C0561, generic, Definition not available code is set. If I delete the ABS code it smooths out momentarily but code comes...
  9. e.nigma

    Newb from DE

    it's actually my sons car, but I get to work on it. 2007 Cobalt LT ( I think) Sedan,Laser Blue. Ed

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