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  1. jonny_b

    s series rear disc swap?

    Yeah. But oem is out of business and their mounts were the only one for those. Powell has a bracket for the ss stuff, but just swapping the axle would be the same the, and prob the same cost. ---------- Post added at 02:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:54 PM ---------- Which that way...
  2. jonny_b

    s series rear disc swap?

    i have been searching all night and found no descriptive answers. does anyone know what parts are needed to do the s series rear disc swap? i want to keep my 4 lug, but also dont want to drill the 5 lug rotors. can anyone help? i know from my reading it isn't worth it, but i want a simple swap...
  3. jonny_b

    water pump change

    Yeah. I found a vid on youtube. The thermostat housing needs to come out, and if you. Want room, you have to take the header off. The heatshield at least needs to come out. So it will be a pita, but I'm doing the timing chain anyway, so I might as well do the waterpump and thermostat anyway.
  4. jonny_b

    water pump change

    i'm gonna be changing my timing chain, and water pump tomorrow. i found the how-to for the timing chain, and am not having much luck with the water pump portion. is there special tools needed, or any steps that need done in a certain order?
  5. jonny_b

    Going turbo'd

    and its posts like this that kill cobalts. lol
  6. jonny_b

    broken short shifter.

    Here's a pic. Lol. I havent gotten to doing anything about it yet. Been to busy with house remodeling. At first I was thinking it was my shift knob was loose since I dont have a thread on one, buuuuut it was good. So investigation found this.
  7. Broken shifter

    Broken shifter

  8. jonny_b

    Looking to get a cobalt :) need advice.

    Agreed. You wont be happy with anything less than an ss/sc. The ss/na isnt even that much better than a lt.....other than the body, and the 2.4 its the same car. If you are already asking about hptuner, and aftermarket, you'll be disappointed with the result. Just put the hop up momey into...
  9. jonny_b

    need help choosing an intake.

    Cotton cloth isnt an intake. That the filter.
  10. jonny_b

    broken short shifter.

    Damn ebay shifter broke. Didnt even have it a year, And no I'm not kicking it for shifts. Lol. The ark one comes with a knob, but does it have a boot ring? The twm one does, but popping an extra 150 for a shift knob seems ridiculous. Any feedback is good. ---------- Post added at 04:56 PM...
  11. jonny_b

    Cobalt to G5 rear

    all it takes is the above, and moving the reverse wiring from the trunk lid down to the plate area. shouldnt need to extend them very much if at all if they are routed good.
  12. jonny_b

    Jhops' "Paint your wheels!!!!"

    i use the wetsandable automotive primer. it fills in whatever is left over from the 320 grit. side not though, that paint is pretty damn tough!! when i bought my rims, dude half ass sprayed the lips and i had originally wanted to go bare aluminum and clear them, but i couldn't get that shit...
  13. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    idk. the only 2.2 trans mounts i have seen are just the poly inserts. i thought they only made rotated mounts for the 2.0 ss.
  14. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    idk about a how-to, but i have seen a thread or 2 about it. basically you just raise the jack until it is against the trans, remove one of the tranny mount. 3 bolts i believe, and attach the new one. may need to raise or lower the jack a hair to line up the holes to get the bolt back through...
  15. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    you can do it with basic tools and a floor jack to support the trans. a torque wrench is handy like it is for everything else.
  16. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    do they have those for the 2.2? i thought it was only the turbo ss. with a new axle, it should last a while. the bind is only a BIG problem if you are dragging on flatland. and speaking of axles, i want to try these. they aren't much more than stock, and are supposedly stronger. i think my...
  17. jonny_b

    custom paint on mon.

    it was a shitty macco or whatever, and it still looks like shit. :( my help was backed up, and now i'm out of work since i broke my collarbone.
  18. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    if you dont have a shimmy in the steering wheel, its prob not a tire. does it make that noise when going straight, or just turning? and is it really loud? test.....go to a parking lot. turn the wheel to full lock and pull out fast. if its clicking there, then its the cv joint (axle). from what...
  19. jonny_b

    Cobalt 2.2 to 2.4 Intake Kit

    cold air intake, or short ram? here is a cheap way to do a short ram..... a cold air could be done with the same universal parts, but need to adapt the sensor in some way.
  20. jonny_b

    Custom intake and CUSTOM airbox mod

    broken link......fixed here is the airbox. in retrospect, i would only cut out the front section first if i were to do it again. would prob cut down on heated air.
  21. 20130918 150518

    20130918 150518

  22. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    there is an allen whole in the threads. put a closed end wrench on the nut then put the allen in. hold the allen, or turn the nut until the allen hit something solid and wont turn. then tighten or loosen the nut. they are a pain in the ass. loose end links give out a chatter over bumps that...
  23. jonny_b

    What's the difference between a lt and rs suspension?

    That is way closer than mine are. Do you have the ss sway bar end links too? That the bar from the sway bar up to the strut. With the stock ls ones on a lower car they push the sway bar down since they are longer. The clunking could be alot of things. Sway bar bushings, the end links could be...
  24. jonny_b

    seat belt bolt

    Its a t50. I used a t500.....yeah I thought it was the same, but the points were shorter. It fit snug, but the teeth werent long enough and just stripped the head. I replaced mine with some grade 8 hex head bolts from a hardware store, and 2 washers to make up for the longer threads. And red...
  25. jonny_b

    What size exhaust

    Since you'll prob just be doing exhaust, 2.25-2.5 is best. No bigger. A shop will bend you stuff for pretty cheap. Mine was only $120 for mandrel bent, fitted to my turbo muffler, but I didnt get stainless though. You can try without a resonator, but they sound better with one. Not as loud, and...

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