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  1. Intmd83r

    2009 Chevrolet Cobalt 4-Door

    well mines a 05 4 door LS 175k . wife has a 06 2 door LT 136k . mines has been to 110 a few times and i dont drive that easy with it . wifes car gets treated like gold . 05, wheel bearing (did last weekend ), brakes , tires ( sticky brake pedal ) ticks when needs oil change ... i will drop a...
  2. Intmd83r

    2007 2.2l with air check valve engine swap!!

    let me know how it goes . thinking im gonna need alot of work in the top end or a new motor . 175k on mine now .
  3. Intmd83r

    Front End Clunk..Related to Sway Bar Bushings & Links. Anyone else had this Problem?

    ya i got my moog bushing from . still no problem with them .
  4. Intmd83r

    Starting Issue!

    throttle body clean ?
  5. Intmd83r

    Annoying noise

    ya i did my bushing a few months ago $30 moog from rockauto . but now my struts are going
  6. Intmd83r

    December COTM Poll (Tie Braker)

    is this a tie again ??? ---------- Post added at 09:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:18 PM ---------- pick a number 1 thru 11 closest wins :p
  7. Intmd83r

    Projector headlights for 2009 LS?

    [email protected] .... just say justin sent you and you will get mike
  8. Intmd83r

    Projector headlights for 2009 LS?

    you have to get a hid kit that will fit the h1 they have them just got to look . did you try ? if you have questions get a hold of mike and he will help you . tell him justin sent you . ill ask him his email if you want .
  9. Intmd83r

    December COTM Poll (Tie Braker)

    Got to go with a fellow sedan sorry
  10. Intmd83r

    LED question

    i know someone on another forum that sells led lights ..... should have some to
  11. Intmd83r

    Projector headlights for 2009 LS?

    i got halo projectors from . they fit great in both mine and my wifes cars
  12. Intmd83r

    Lock/Unlock Switches

    i had problem in wifes coupe .... replace switch and it stopped . didnt even have to take door panel off . just pull up on the plastic door handle and you can switch it out easy
  13. Intmd83r

    md noob

    doors unlocking and locking are from the switch . wife left her window down in her coupe just enough that water could get into the switch and kinda puddled up in there . also snow falling on the door and melting . i put new driver side switch in and the problem stopped . also had to show her to...
  14. Intmd83r

    Is it worth it?

    ya or you could do that ..... my wife and mortgage wont allow that right now
  15. Intmd83r

    Me and the General Lee

    only if it was a pic of the general jumping over your cobalt .........
  16. Intmd83r

    Is it worth it?

    and trust me when you have it paid off you are gonna like not having a car payment . little over a year for both mine and my wifes cobalts ... cant wait .
  17. Intmd83r

    About brakes.... reference

    dont remember the size sorry but you will have little clips on the studs holding the rotor on . just bend a couple prongs and you can twist off and twist back on and reuse them . and pads might come with a shim . use it . If they dont save your old one. I got a set that didnt have a shim and...
  18. Intmd83r

    AutoLoc remote locks

    ya your a real nerd is you pay $100 for auto locks that willl work without a problem .. you might of not messed sht up lukkys but you still dont have it working .........
  19. Intmd83r

    AutoLoc remote locks

    you should shop around and not do it yourself . this is one of them things if you dont know what your doing you can mess shit up . its worth it to just pay someone $100 to make a power door and $50 for a autolock kit . or you could do ebay $30+8 hours of your time then in 2 months $30+7 hours (...
  20. 2011 11 15 16 23 40 369

    2011 11 15 16 23 40 369

  21. Intmd83r

    AutoLoc remote locks

    so you dont have power locks right ? best buy i think its $100-$120 a door . this is something you want to take to a shop to do . it can be done . locks need to be power locks then you get car alarm / keyless entry installed . ---------- Post added at 01:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at...
  22. Intmd83r

    Remote & lights!!

    is it a do it yourself job ? cause i was about to install auto-starts in mine and my wifes cars . read some stories online after i got the starters ...... they are still in the box . have you unhooked the auto-start to see what happens ?
  23. Intmd83r

    let's see your butt !!!!!

    there is was around it you can leave it clear where most the light comes thru and tint the outer part . in new hampshire they can be dicks to thats why i havent done mines yet . dont need a clam bake and cops decide to talk to me about my lights
  24. Intmd83r

    muffler and wheels AND check engine light

    i didnt take the bumpers off . my luck i would park at a store and come out to a big dent cause someone opened their car door into my car or the run away shopping cart from hell would hit my car . ya i left the chrome to . goes with my car blue and black with a touch of chrome .

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