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  1. Hailcesar75

    Official 2.4 representing here. Post your ride and most unique mod.

    This forum is still going strong?! Hahahahha. Hello everyone
  2. Hailcesar75

    Where exactly is the ambient temperature sensor on 2008 Cobalt

    Mine is on the drivers side headlight bracket. Check the back
  3. Hailcesar75

    just baught a new cobalt and it hesitates!

    My cobalt runs awesome after 4 years. Just fyi
  4. Hailcesar75

    New Paint

    Wow!fucking awesome!!!!!
  5. Hailcesar75

    New Shoes

    Wow they look good. You may want to change the title to new tc rims I thought u were talking about break pads
  6. Hailcesar75

    TC Grilles on the way!

    Woo hoo! awesome bro. Post them pics asap!
  7. Hailcesar75

    Hey guys!

    What's up rocket!! Welcome I didnt know that was you bbrewbaker. Wassup!
  8. Hailcesar75

    Air box Mod

    Hey newb........... Didn't you know, tuner923 is a f*cking know it all! Let's squash this guys.
  9. Hailcesar75

    My insides also painted my gauges

    Dead thread newb revival
  10. Hailcesar75

    Cabin air filters

    really? not in my neighborhood. more like guyanese people.(sp) why would you call stupid tho?
  11. Hailcesar75

    post your stickers!

    Put a big shocker sticker on that therr winda. Lol
  12. Hailcesar75

    Cabin air filters

    Vatozone?????? You guys are mexicans? Lol
  13. Hailcesar75

    wider stance

    Wider wheels or spacers is the only way to go wider.
  14. Hailcesar75

    Time to Say Goodbye

    In NYC all I see I'd Mazda, vw, subies. I've only seen like 5 sc and 2 tc. That's it
  15. Hailcesar75

    Time to Say Goodbye

    So WHEN are you saying goodbye already!?!? Ha ha seriously when
  16. Hailcesar75

    05 chevy cobalt ls

    Oh boy. Can't help no one nowadays.
  17. Hailcesar75

    Parking Ticket - color description

    If the vin is correct then it's not gonna get waived cuz of the color.
  18. Hailcesar75

    Air box Mod

    That came out pretty good. But it looks like the pipe right before the airbox is going to rub with the valve cover. It happened with mine before I got the gmpp intake.
  19. Hailcesar75

    Redone SS wheels installed.......PICS!!!!

    Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated. I have an 06 ss
  20. Hailcesar75


    What's godlight inputs? Got any pics?
  21. Hailcesar75

    Cobalt tail light plastic covers.

    Yeah, it's called eBay, duh
  22. Hailcesar75

    3rd brake Light Turn signal Mod

    Then delete this thread. It's worthless with out the pics
  23. Hailcesar75

    Cold Air Intake vs. Short Ram Intake

    Wait, yes it. It'll keep you from flooring it. Be polite newb
  24. Hailcesar75

    Time to Say Goodbye

    And insurance?
  25. Hailcesar75

    Longer stud bolts

    Ha ha ha. Ur nuts for trading in the Balt for 3 Traitor. So have you joined any Mazda forums yet?

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