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    Battery died

    It was time for my weekly trip to the donut shop and supermarket. I turned the key and heard a clicking sound. I knew my battery was dead and wouldn't crank the engine. I connected my battery charger and a few minutes later the engine started. I drove to the donut shop and after buying a...
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    Tire Learn Part II

    Does your car have the Tire Learn Procedure like my Cobalt?
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    Tire Learn Part II

    I went to move the car in the garage to get more space to assemble a cabinet. The car wouldn't start because the battery ran down again. I know I have to drive the car at least once a month in order to keep the battery charged. The last time I drove the car was February 9th and I have been...
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    Digital display shows the number "1"

    Last Thursday I turned the key to start the engine but the engine didn't start. The battery ran down due to inactivity. I have 2 cars but I seldom drive now. The Chevrolet Cobalt just sits in the garage. I think the last time I drove the Cobalt was in June. I popped the hood and connected...
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    Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor Problem Resolved

    Thanks to all who replied. I went ahead and ordered the Standard Motors Products TMP45RA sensor from Rock Auto. The sensor arrived today and I picked it up and drove to the auto repair shop. I let the guys there remove my tires from the rims and put the tires back on the rims. They charge me...
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    Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

    I was driving my 09 LS to the sandwich shop yesterday and the tire icon came on. There was a message displayed - Tire Service Monitor - so I checked the tire pressures. The left front and right front both displayed 30 PSI. The left rear also displayed 30 PSI. The right rear displayed two...
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    Fuel Mileage Range

    This morning the fuel mileage range display indicated 38 miles. After driving a few blocks I got the Low Fuel message. I drove to my preferred gas station -it's never crowded - and filled up. I checked the display and it only showed 280 miles. Ever since I bought the car, the display always...
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    2007 Cobalt LS with fuel pump problems. Need help!

    I posted a message on May 18th after getting a check engine light. I bought a MaxiScan MS309 scanner on Ebay for $18 and was able to read a P0101 error code. The scanner is inexpensive and well worth the price.
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    Check Engine Light

    Update. I think I erased the error code Wednesday when the check engine light went out. Check engine lights and error codes are new to me but I believe that if the problem wasn't resolved and still persists, the check engine light comes on again. I drove the car to the supermarket this...
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    Check Engine Light

    I got the scanner/reader and plugged it in the port. I am getting a P0101 error. I thought I erased the code when the check engine light went out but the code is still there. I haven't driven the car since I returned from the supermaket last Friday. Do you think the error code will go away...
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    Check Engine Light

    I have a question for you guys. I bought a new 2009 Cobalt LS with a 2.2L engine back in 2009. This is the first car I have ever owned with a computer. I changed the oil and filter last week and inspected the air filter. On the way to the supermarket I noticed the check engine light was on...

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