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  1. Cobalt Tom

    waaasssssssup dude!

    waaasssssssup dude!
  2. Cobalt Tom

    The CCF Photo/Referral Giveaway Contest!!

    lets not start a fight....:adminpower:
  3. Cobalt Tom

    New O.Z wheels and carbon trunk

    hahaha, ya ;)
  4. Cobalt Tom

    New O.Z wheels and carbon trunk

    very im sure youve been told a hundred times...could use a drop ;)
  5. Cobalt Tom


    Welcome to ya!
  6. Cobalt Tom

    The Grafx Shop HID KIT - Group BUY

    hids will not melt your stock housing
  7. Cobalt Tom

    The Grafx Shop HID KIT - Group BUY

    Good lookin setup! If I needed a set then Id be all over this!
  8. Cobalt Tom

    New with lots of questions.

    welcome! cant wait for pics!!!
  9. Cobalt Tom

    Seat Ideas?

    stfu troll :P
  10. Cobalt Tom

    Seat Ideas?

    :D :p
  11. Cobalt Tom

    My Garage

    if it was only a little wider hahaha who the hell am i kidding! I work on the car in the driveway :P
  12. Cobalt Tom

    Replacing the Throttle Body Assembly on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt

    should be cake to do yourself, like he said, you disco your intake, and its 4 bolts and a sensor plug and then drop the new one on
  13. Cobalt Tom

    Hi from victory_red_SS

    noice!!!! let us know if you need any help with anything :) I will be going to get my enhanced DL soon so I can come up and see her :P
  14. Cobalt Tom

    Worth it to switch to synthetic auto tranny fluid?

    freeway driving i get 37+ mpg :D but then again i can see single digits if i beat on it hard enough yest during the cruise I probly got under 20mpg
  15. Cobalt Tom

    We need to DELETE these ppl.

    though i have known a lot of people through the years that "lurk" around the forums for up to a year or more just reading before they post something. I would ask why we need to delete them? I know its annoying to have so many, but imagine if you created an accnt, didnt use it for a bit, came...
  16. Cobalt Tom

    Oil and Oil Filter

    amsoil usually isnt sold through a local parts store..I get mine from a local amsoil dealer. I do have the option of purchasing a dealer license from them and then reselling it (such as to you guys) but shipping would get spendy... worth it though!
  17. Cobalt Tom

    howdy from ky :o

    lol, good!!!! :adminpower:
  18. Cobalt Tom

    howdy from ky :o

    hmmm, i can see it so lemme check something lol ---------- Post added at 09:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 AM ---------- how about now :P
  19. Cobalt Tom

    Greeting from GM Customer Service.

    Shaggy and I will have to have a talk ;) although looks like its a pretty cool idea, just some things that need to be talked about ;) In the mean time, welcome :)
  20. Cobalt Tom

    Oil and Oil Filter

    royal purple bad...heat cycles QUICK and fries...ask my old motor how that goes :/ amsoil...def winning! did alot of research when new motor was put in...and NOTHING will hold up like amsoil does...N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
  21. Cobalt Tom

    howdy from ky :o

    ??? what do ya mean? im not showing anything deleted...????
  22. Cobalt Tom

    howdy from ky :o

    congrats on the purchase and welcome!
  23. Cobalt Tom

    Thinking about gmpp manifold

    how much?
  24. Cobalt Tom

    2.4 throttle body and manifold

    lol, pull the trigger...dooooo it ;)
  25. Cobalt Tom

    Thinking about gmpp manifold

    te gmpp manifold just doesnt give you the flow. an aftermarket header will do what your looking for ;) I have the OTTP longtube and love it.

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