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  1. emperorjj1

    For Sale 2007 cobalt ss/sc with blown engine

    Car is now sold
  2. emperorjj1

    For Sale 2007 cobalt ss/sc with blown engine

    yeah if i was in a better situation i would probably have started parting out already. My apt building is a bit restrictive
  3. emperorjj1

    For Sale 2007 cobalt ss/sc with blown engine

    Engine has 135270 miles on it, no compression in cylinder 4. Car is in Salem Oregon updated mod list below Stock Options: Laser Blue Metallic 2.0 L Ecotec LSJ Supercharged High Rise Wing Non G85 Black Leather Interior Sunroof - Second Owner- Engine/Drivetrain: Harrop TVS 1320 Supercharger 2.8"...
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  9. emperorjj1

    Alternator wine

    hmmm. If the amp is making noise with just the RCA plugged in then it sounds like an issue with the amp. Especially if you are plugging the MP3 player directly into the amp bypassing the RCA's in the car. the last thing i can think of is trying to get a set of twisted pair RCA's and seeing if...
  10. emperorjj1

    Alternator wine

    which part? you plugged the mp3 player to the amp directly and still noise or noise at the HU end?
  11. emperorjj1

    Alternator wine

    do you get whine if you take the HU out altogether? try running an mp3 player using the 3.5 mm to rca at the front and see if you get noise and if so then try at the amp directly
  12. emperorjj1

    Alternator wine

    also there are 2 different types of RCA's so if you are using the wrong one that could cause noise. figuring that out is hella impossible though so. other things i would try are 1 pico fuse mod if the HU is a pioneer 2 Amp ground. check connection's are tight and no fraying or touching wires...
  13. emperorjj1

    Nexus7 (2013) project

    np just trying to catch up on e-mails sorta i have so many that are unread or glanced over its ridiculous. but ive got a good chunk cleared out now
  14. emperorjj1

    Nexus7 (2013) project

    3d printed would be cool
  15. emperorjj1

    New Headunit Wiring problem!!

    what harness? You need to attach an acc from the fuse to the pioneer harness. and it needs to not be connected to the red acc in the stock harness
  16. emperorjj1

    Disable Automatic Headlights? this may need to be moved

    lol i feel like we are going around in circles. either way if you want to disable the auto headlights so its always manual whats wrong with using a resistor?
  17. emperorjj1

    Nexus7 installation volume problem

    ya u need an amp
  18. emperorjj1

    Disable Automatic Headlights? this may need to be moved

    so the options here are buy a speaker or try to come up with some sort of timed delay system for your lights?
  19. emperorjj1

    Disable Automatic Headlights? this may need to be moved

    lol flip it to parking when you get in the car and 20 seconds later flip it back to auto lights. its the perfect delay without spending any money. Plus the "timer" is fully adjustable
  20. emperorjj1

    Factory XM Antenna

    ya the stock XM tuner and antenna plug is on the rear deck
  21. emperorjj1

    Replace Stereo and keep steering wheel controls?

    i would go all aftermarket to be honest but yes you can retain steering wheel controls with a steering wheel interface. There are 2 kinds of adapters one universal that uses an IR (shitty) and a direct input. as long as you have a HU that accepts the "wired input" As far as the regular harness...
  22. emperorjj1

    Factory XM Antenna

    its possible maybe. but its just a shot in the dark. You will also have to modify the stock plug as well to fit into any of the aftermarket tuners
  23. emperorjj1

    front door speaker problems

    sweet glad it worked out for you
  24. emperorjj1

    front door speaker problems

    nah not really i have this mechanic guide thing though are the rears working? you could always plug one of those into the front but getting them out to try that probably isnt worth the effort

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