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    RPM Tachometer fluctuation/bouncing/jumping/pulsating while driving on side roads

    Do you have anything plugged into ODB port, my scangauge cable is slightly damaged and if I bends just right make everything go wacky. On my 2010 impala some wire were chaffed under the passenger seat and would make the car not start and all the gauges would go blank while driving when...
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    08 Cobalt Passenger side noise while driving CV moves up and down

    I picked a HF slide hammer a while back pretty handy for this task. On a 15-17 yo Stratus, it pulled the bearing apart, so I drilled a couple 1/4-3/8" holes where the bearing and spindle interface at a 45 degree angle, then took turns driving a tapper punch in each hole and then it came apart...
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    Looking for new tires

    I started to put WRG3 on my Cobalt last fall, I generally only buy 2 tires at a time. Had them on for about 2 weeks when my daughter bumped a curb and pinched the side wall, so moved them to her Cobalt. Due to $$ I went to Entryes instead, then got lucky and found a used set of Hancook Ipikes...
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    Looking for new tires

    I have Nokian Entrye on my for the summer tires 195-65-15 picked them up for about $55 each and mounted myself. After about 27,000 miles I can still see the 7 on the nokian tire wear marks, the number starts at 8 (mm)(original tread depth about 9.5mm and go down to 2, with a rain drop between 3...
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    2008 cobalt with 250k

    I passed 210,000 miles a few weeks ago, 09 LS XFE coupe. Still original brakes, but have already done both front wheel bearings. Life time average of 40 mpg. I generally shift 2,500-3,000 sometimes skipping 4th. It's not how you accelerate nearly as much as how you don't brake to get good MPG.
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    Weird and dangerous

    That makes sense, would have thought the alignment shop would have noticed. Where did you get the control arm? I got one off ebay, kind of wonder about the quality but the price was right. PS. I guess you had it aligned pretty quickly after replacing the parts so one probably just failed...
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    Well this exists.

    Welcome, I have 2, 09 XFE Coupe that I drive just passed 203,000 miles this week. And 2010 Sedan LT that my oldest daughter drives. Mine was a Hail dent/salvage title and have only had to replace both front wheel bearings and a maf pigtail since I got it with 26,000 miles. The 2010 was a...
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    Fuel Mileage Range

    Playing with resetting MPG on the fly this morning, I could only get the range to up 2-3 miles but have less than 2 gallons of gas in the tank, just over 500 miles on tank once I got to work.
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    Fuel Mileage Range

    I doubt it, it calculates ranged based on your current average MPG x gallons in tank. I bet your current average is just lower than normal. Rest the average gauge on the fly and range will recalculate. My average is usually around 40 mpg, 43 today, when I fill tomorrow it will say I can go...
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    Raining gas

    Could be just borrowing time, but it's been enough time to outlast the vehicles.
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    Raining gas

    I've never replace fuel lines but have brake lines and use compression fittings so I don't have to flare the ends. When I needed a flare the parts store (Orielys) had short 6-12" long piece with flares on both ends, I cut it in half so I have two flared ends and extend with compression fitting...
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    Lean Code Delemia

    No chance you might be getting some E85 instead of E10 or E15. Mine does ok till about E50 then gives a lean code. Higher Ethanol is also harder to start when cold. Maybe try a different gas station next fill, maybe somebody mess up filling tanks.
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    All those sounds come thru the drivers door speaker, it's that or most likely the BCM, $600 when I had to have one of those replaced. I'd try the speaker first.
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    It worked for both of my Cobalts, factory stereo 09 & 10.
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    Driver front door speaker needs replaced, I got replacments off ebay for $35 or so.
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    2008 cobalt where is bcm

    Assuming same as 2010, passenger side foot well side of center council.
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    Any idea of the highest mileage on a Cobalt

    I'm at 193,000 miles on my 09 XFE, under $400 in parts so far, not counting oil, filters and spark plugs. (original brakes & clutch). 2 wheel bearings, MAF pigtail, VVT solenoid. Some front end parts that probably didn't need replaced because they didn't fix the noise. Needs sway bar bushing I...
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    ECM Swap

    I've been wanting to make my 09 2.2 5 sp a Flexible Fuel for a while now, but the $600 for HPtuners has been stopping me. I was browsing some junk yard site and found I could get a new ECU for $36 dollars out of a 09 HHR which is Flex fuel and only 50 miles from home. The 09 Cobalts have the...
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    Gas/Water in Oil?

    I've seen that a few times with my 09 with 190,000 miles, I think it due to the cold weather.
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    2010 cobalt 2.2 reduced engine power

    Oh when I left at the dealer they left it outside and I disconnected the battery, they said they were able to wiggle the BCM wiring to get it to start the next morning without doing the heater trick.
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    2010 cobalt 2.2 reduced engine power

    My daughters 2010 had a temperature related problem. When it got below freezing, the hazards would start flashing till it ran the battery dead. Next day I installed my battery it started right up and she drove it home for thanksgiving. That afternoon it got cold and lights started flashing...
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    cannot find cause of suspension noise!

    Cold weather makes my rear bushing squeak.
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    cannot find cause of suspension noise!

    YelloEye and myself have both had to replace the maf pigtail due to broken wires. I got a real slight stumble at highway speeds and an occasional CEL. Mine had some black tape around it I took it off and messed with them a bit and it ran better for a while. Mine's an 09 2.2. I got the...
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    2006 LS Vibration coming from wheel well.

    My guess is wheel bearing, assuming you don't have a lsd, jack up one front tires, emergency brake on, rear wheels blocked, start car and run it up to 30 or so. Repeat with other front tire. The loud one probably needs a new wheel bearing. Or you could have just lost a wheel weight or have a...
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    Supercharged 2.2

    I found 2 Ion Redlines for under $3500 & $4000 109 & 119k miles in a few minutes on CL. I'd either buy one of those and sell the car I have or take what I need and sale the rest.

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