2008 Cobalt

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    Mar 19, 2014
    This is my 2nd Cobalt but the 1st with any issues. 1st problem is I went to start it but it would not crank. The ignition would turn and all lights came on like normal but no cranking. I happened to be at the auto parts store getting wiper blades so I had them check the battery which tested normal. After trying several more times I realized if I wiggled the ignition switch while turning it in the car would start question here is is it the ignition switch the key switch or something else? I called the local Chevy dealer to check on ignition recall status they informed me it has been performed. The 2nd question is somebody before me put an aftermarket stereo in it and the steering wheel controls for cruise control and the information panel do not function. Could this be related to not having the factory stereo in it? The car only has 45,000 miles on it they said the recall was performed three years ago.

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