2009 cobalt 2.2L MAF sensor backpin readings

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    Hi, I want to check the MAF sensor on my 2009 Cobalt LT. I am getting code P0102 Circuit Low Frequency (sensor parameter is less than 1035 Hz for greater than .5 second) I am trying to measure each of the 5 wires at the back of the connector to see if they are reading properly at idle. I have a voltage meter and one that has a Hz setting. What readings should I get on A,B,C,D,E? I don't understand some of the schematic symbols.....

    The Live Data reading on a scan tool is 0.00 lb/min with the engine running.

    Symptoms are engine rough and shaking with reduced engine power and traction control on the led display.

    Any help on the pin readings or anything else would be appreciated, thanks!

    2009 Cobalt MAF schematic 9-2-2019.jpg 2009 2.2L Cobalt LT MAF connector.jpg

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