Cobalt Side Mirror Compatibility across years/models

Discussion in '2.0: LSJ' started by Evan, Aug 23, 2016.

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    I purchased a beat up cobalt as a gas saver to get to work and back, one of the issue with it was that both the drivers side mirror and the passenger side mirror are in varying stages of disrepair.

    I am looking at used parts/auto wreckers to replace the mirrors but I'm wondering about cross-compatibility between models and years.

    1. Will mirrors from a 2-door coup fit on my 4-door sedan?

    2. Will a lever (manual) mirror fit on my sedan even if its replacing a electric (power) mirror? (I understand I wouldn't be able to adjust it from inside, but I could just move it with my hand.

    3. Are the mirror from 2005-2010 all cross compatible as some parts sites seem to indicate?

    Right now I think I have a line on a black (my car is also black) electric Drivers Side mirror off a 2006 2-Door Coup, wondering if this should swap?

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!
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    1. Sedan and Coupe mirrors are different part numbers and angles thanks to the different A-Pillar. Thus will not fit on each other.

    2. A manual mirror from one car to yours should fit provided you get the correct interior cap. As you mentioned you will lose the electric adjust of course.

    3. 2009-2010 the mirrors are all the same provided you get ones from a car with the same number of doors.

    In summary, you need mirrors from a 2005-2010 sedan. Power doesn't matter, though obviously sticking with whatever one you have will be easier. is a great resource for tracking down parts.

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