HELP!!! 2008 Chevy cobalt no start, anti theft spazzing with interior fuse box ,

Discussion in 'LS, LT, LTZ' started by allen Duesler, Jul 30, 2019.

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    Mar 31, 2019
    recently I had takin parts off the motor of my cobalt and when I replaced it all back together (which I went over with steps to follow so I would do it correctly) my car decided to throw me an anti theft dash light and all I hear are clicks and fuel pump come on but when I crank it it just starts a big louder click than the other ones. I check battery and cables, I resent over all the parts and connections I removed and put back on. I have a 10 amp fuse that doesn’t seem to want to stay stationary, it wiggles and it is the engine valve solenoid. I had replaced this fuse box already because it had done that the last time so I found it odd this one did it as well... but car had run since then anyways. Same with the steering wheel. I replaced it and it worked fine and now it’s doing this. Could the computer have reset the ignition code back to the original key I had before? I had the computers unplugged while I had the other parts takin apart. I tried both keys from both sets and it still is doing the same thing. I had the car apart mainly due to the gas line being replaced. I also replaced the evap canister and line. The clicking sounds like it’s almost coming from the fuel rail . Weird

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