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    When it comes to driving safety, nothing is more critical than your tires and brakes. There are two main types of braking systems used on cora - disc, and drum.

    Drum Brakes


    Drum brakes consist of a small round drum that contains pistons and two brake shoes. They are more affordable to maintain and can only operate as long as they can absorb the heat generated by slowing a vehicle's wheels.

    Disc Brakes


    To stop the rotation, brake pads, located within a caliper, press against the two sides of the disc or rotor. The caliper is the bridge between the hydraulic system and the wheel brakes, and it's the caliper which provides the force when the pads are clamped against the rotor. The resulting friction slows down the disc, and the vehicle also slows down.

    Find out more about the brake systems used on modern cars in our technical article! https://www.carid.com/articles/disc-and-drums-brakes.html

    No matter which braking system you have, in case if you've got problems with brakes, and looking for a reliable, yet cost-effective solution, Beck Arnley has got you covered. This brand offers a full line of premium braking parts designed to meet OE specifications for form, fit and function. Beck & Arnley manufactures high-quality replacement brake parts for disc and drum brake applications.

    View the full list of products by this brand here: https://www.carid.com/beck-arnley/


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