How the Heck Does this Car Still Run so Strong?

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    My red 2009 turbo SS continues to defy all the doubters. It is a fantastically strong runner after 12 years of hard use and countless track days in the Florida heat.

    My daughter just rolled 150k on this car as we handed over to her 2 years ago for her DD. She has taken it to Oregon 5 plus times on twisty roads and handling has spoiler her. She says, "Dad, no other car can handle those twisty mountain roads like the 'red car.' It's faster up the hills, easy on gas, (cause it's SO light) and takes corners like a race car."

    LoL, she complains about the driving anything else!

    I had to get the fuel pump replaced finally, after all these miles (I've never had to replace as much as the clutch!) and I picked it up from the shop, giving me a rare opportunity to remember how this vehicle handles. The memories were true to form, it kicks off most v8 racers from 0-60, handles a road course like a Ferrari and gets 40mpg on the highway. The built in speaker box will thump to your favorite bass-heavy songs and the factory Recaro racing seats hug you like a Koala bear!

    Bang for the buck, the best ever built. Thank you Chevy! Thank you Lordstown, Ohio, USA!

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