How To: 2.4 Intake Manifold Swap on 2.2

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    Well I've had my 2.4 intake manifold on since april 2009, but this is a how to i did today because i cleaned my bay out and did basic tune up stuff so i figured i'd throw something together since its a common swap and i havent found any how-to's on it. so hope its good

      • Flathead or 8mm
      • 10mm socket and ratchet
      • Laquer Thinner or Mineral Spirits(optional)
      • Couple of rags
      • Torque Wrench

      It's this easy.

      First: You will need to disconnect the Negative Terminal on the battery.
      Then start by taking the hose clamps off from the intake as circled below
      the one on the right, is underneath.

      -you will need a flathead or 8mm socket.


      then take the intake box off

      Second: you will need to disconnect the Idle Air Control. (circled in red)
      you will need to take the throttle body bolts off 4x 10mm (circled in green)
      after that,
      you will need to disconnect the evap and the brake booster (also circled in red)

      (disregard the random dots haha)

      Third: You will need to take the manifold bolts out of the cylinder head. (10mm socket and ratchet)

      circled here in red

      This is what it'll look like once you get that out of the way.


      At this point in time, i recommend that VERY CAREFULLY, taking a little bit of laquer thinner or mineral spirits and clean the cylinder head surface and the surface of the manifold of any debris because you dont want anything creating a vaccum leak on the surface.

      If bought used from another member, junkyard, or however you acquire it, take the gaskets out of clean them really well, like i said be careful not to get debris in the manifold itself. If bought new from CrateEngineDepot or some other source you probably will not have to clean the gaskets and what not.


      Fourth: while you got everything off you mise well clean your throttle body out from all the carbon and crap built up.

      Now on my TB you'll see a metal plate, from what ive been reading, theres apparently an air leak thats created if you use the 2.2 tb w/ the 2.4 manifold so you'll need the spacer that CrateEngineDepot provides.

      heres the link :
      Ecotec 2.2MMGF Spacer Plate Kit 2.2Plate - Crate Engine Depot


      I ran it without the plate for a couple months, so youlll be ok if you dont have it right away.

      Fifth: Once you got everythiing cleaned it's time to go back together!

      -Make sure all gaskets are cleaned and seated correctly.
      -connect EVAP
      -connect Brake Booster
      -connect IAT sensor
      -and connect any other like things that were attached to the manifold.

      Sixth: Put the throttle body back on, if you dont know the torque specs dont crank the bolts to tight, just enough to tighten and wont rattle loose and you seal the gaskets.

      Toque specs for TB and IM: 89 in/lbs

      Once you got your TB back on, connect your IAC (Idle Air Control)

      Last: Put Your airbox back on, and make sure to connect your Negative Terminal on your battery back up! Once you start your car back up, let it sit there and idle for a minute or two and let everything compensate. Then Enjoy!

      Anything i left out or opinions let me know!
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    approved and thank you sir
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    If you swap to the 2.4 tb you need a tune correct?
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