My 2007 Cobalt SS S/C!!

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    Just a few pics of my Pikabalt since I’m new to the forums! Let me know what you think! Ignore my buddy messing with my radio lol

    Smoothflow 2.7 pulley & hub
    80lb injectors
    N2MB WOT Box 2step / no lift shift
    3” zzp intake powdercoated & sharpie w
    Ottp short throw
    Ottp base bushings
    Ottp cable clamp
    Powdercoated valve cover
    Ottp stainless catless longtube headers
    SLP loudmouth 2 catback
    Ottp braided stainless brake lines
    Zzp dual pass
    Zzp option b
    Zzp phenolic spacer
    Zzp oversized aluminum radiator
    Drilled slotted rotors

    Tuned by James at Rakes performance

    I may be forgetting one or two perf mods but that’s pretty much it. What should I do for performance next?


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