Passenger side drive axle bad?

Discussion in 'LS, LT, LTZ' started by GrandpaDan, Oct 13, 2020.

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    2009 LT w/94K

    Odd rhythmic "rubbing/groaning" noise from front right side, doesn't change on cornering or braking. Noise is in synch with wheel, and happens at any speed.
    I jacked it up and when I turn the wheel by hand, there is a stiff spot, then it turns smoothly till it comes around to the stiff spot again. I jacked up the control arm to straighten the axle some, and it feels about the same. I compressed the piston so the Caliper moves freely and there isn't any drag from the brakes. I don't think a bad bearing would feel like this, and there is no vibration on the coils when I turn the wheel. Doesn't make any noise when I spin it, just drags at the same spot.

    Noise started when my daughter drove it home from the stealership, when she tried to get the fuel leak covered by the recall (she couldn't), and they did an inspection ($80) and said she had a bad ball joint and bad struts. The ball joint was bad, so I replaced the control arm (struts seem fine). This control arm and axle were replaced by the stealership 45K ago after an icy slide into a curb broke the spindle and $2K of other parts. The axle is a NAPA MaxDrive. I don't know if it was new or rebuilt.

    Anyway...whatcha think? Could these symptoms point to a bad axle?
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    Jul 25, 2019
    If the Cobalt is equipped with the premium Pioneer stereo, turn up the bass boost And crank the volume up to 11, & the rubbing/groaning will go away......
    Is the car an auto or standard trans ?
    It doesn’t increase in rpm or volume with speed ? (IE - like a u-joint on an old drive shaft rear wheel drive ?)

    My ‘07 automatic made a similar noise, but only at a certain speed and certain circumstances, but when I replaced both front rotors and brake pads it went away. It was warped brake rotors.
    It had the classic steering wheel vibration when braking hard.
    The rubbing/groaning would happen after stopping, (stop sign) then accelerating while maneuvering a slight curve in the road.

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