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    *Long read warning*

    Well I don't have any races in the SS/TC yet, and probably won't for a while but I figured you guys might enjoy to hear some of my stories from the SS/SC I had.

    My SS/SC mod list was:

    Intense Stage 3.5
    (2.8" Pulley, 60 lb Injectors, 1 Step Colder Plugs)
    Spec Stage 2+ Clutch
    Injen Cold Air Intake
    AIS Stage 1 Methanol Injection
    B&M Short Throw Shifter
    Ark Performance Strut Bar
    Ark Performance Shorty Antenna
    CX Racing Heat Exchanger
    EBC Ultimax Slotted and Dimpled Rotors
    Hawk Hi-Performance Ceramic Pads
    18" Konig Afterburner Wheels
    Nitto 555ZR Tires
    MRZ Performance Stainless Steel Supercharged Door Sills
    Pioneer Premier Avic F90BT
    6000K HID's (Lows/Fogs)
    Red Underbody Neon Lights
    Black Bowtie,Black Vinyl Eyelids, Red Emblems
    Color Matched Interior Trim
    20% Tint all around

    Anway my kill list in the car consist of:

    2007 Mazda Rx8
    2006 Cobalt SS/SC
    2008 Cobalt SS/TC
    2006 GTO
    06 Civic Si
    2001 Mustang GT
    WRX (Unsure of year)
    08 STI

    Some other ones, but I can't remember them all haha

    Anyway i'll start with the Rx8

    I'm not sure of the mods since I didn't get to talk to him, but I know it had an exhaust haha

    Anyway i'm on my way to Charleston with a few friends for a trip to the go kart track (Y) haha, we only took two cars though, mine and my friends Evo 9 MR. So of course we're playing around on the interstate, but as we approach this on ramp I spot a Red Mazda Rx8 in my side view coming up the ramp so I switch lanes and signal my buddy to get behind me in the middle of the lanes so no one can come through behind us. Of course the guy blows past us both since he seen to fast cars on the interstate. He probably thought he was fast then, but we had slowed down to 50 hoping he'd slow next to us. Anyway me and the Evo both floor it to catch him because we were bored haha, of course the Evo gets there first and gets in front of him and I pull along side and signal for a three beep at 40 MPH and he says ok. So we slow and I throw the first honk, the second, and then the third and we floor it, He kept up for about half a second haha then I started to pull, I beat him by around 6 lengths and get a thumbs up as he exits to the city.

    Next up would be the 06 SS/SC

    His mod list consist of a GMP exhaust and GM Stage 3

    So anyway this one happened randomly haha, I was parked in Walmart parking lot talking on my cell phone. When all the sudden this kid in a Yellow SS/SC pulls up and says "Wanna let me walk all over that thing?" I instantly think "Wait your driving the same car as me and you don't know anything I have done" So I say "What are you running?" he says "Nothing much just STAGE 3" stressing that he has stage 3 hard for some reason haha, then he asked me what I was running and as I always say when someone ask that "I'll just let you figure that out haha" So we head towards the prosperity dips and at the top of the hill we stop (its late so no one was around) I say "From a dig, take it or leave it" he says "ok" You can see a red light in the distance so I said "When that turns green were going" (I don't start at the light because I know that the distance from the top of the hill to the light is an 1/8 mile) he says ok again so I rev my car and hold it at about 4k RPMs to keep from spinning to bad, and of course his is at about 5k. SO the light turns green and I hear him spinning tires and wheel hopping because he dumped the clutch to quick. I do my perfect little launch and go on my way to a 2 car jump, he gains back up to where hes about 1.5 cars behind me now. I hit the light and hit my brakes and signal to pull into Hometown Subaru. He follows, and says "How did you not spin, I read the badge on your trunk when I got close to you, your running a half a stage higher then me and I spun like crazy" and I say "Well the good thing about my car is its not equipped with the bad driver mod" haha

    Now to the 08 SS/TC

    Car was stock no mods

    Anyway i've known this guy for a long time, he got an SS/SC about the same time I did. So of course when he got a SS/TC we were destined to race haha. So we head out to our usual race spot and line em up. This was definitely was of the best races i've ever had, just sayin. He has launch control, and I don't so I figured i'd be at a disadvantage, but I kept up on launch. Anyway we raced on about a 3/4 mile stretch. I know a big stretch but it made it take up more time haha anyway we launch and we stay side by side for 90% of the stretch. But towards the end I pull away by about half a car. So it was close, but in the end I won by a little bit haha

    Now to the GTo
    no mods that I know of, except for exhaust

    So i'm rolling to class one day, at 7 am :mad: haha, driving on the curvy WV roads when all the sudden this Silver GTO just comes from no where and is riding my ass HARD. I'm like "WTF its 7 am I don't wanna race" so I tap my brakes signaling him to back off. Of course he doesn't. I remember that there is a stretch about a half mile long with a passing zone on it and at the end are some light curves that I can take at well over 90 MPH and I know he can't haha, so I think to myself "You fucked with the wrong cobalt" We hit come around the curve into the straight away and I've shifted to 2nd now, and I can hear his exhaust behind me. He downshifts and tries to pass me and I look over and see him staring the car/me down. I give him a salute and floor it. I pull away by about 3 cars and then he hits his brakes and gets back behind me and I take the curves at about 80, He couldn't keep up and i'm pretty sure I made him cry a little. all in all a good race.

    06 Civic Si

    Only mods is an exhaust

    This is one of my friends car, he kept begging me to race so I did. I win by 5 cars. Yeah thats the shortest story ever I know haha

    2001 Mustang you have to forgive my friend for screaming haha

    IDK if you count it as a race but he was at 120 and I caught him and said no after he passed me haha

    The WRX

    Mods unknown

    Well this happened on the coalfield, no doubt my favorite road ever haha, 5-10 miles of basically straight road haha anyway I'm just cruising at 65 when this WRX comes blowing by me at i'd say about 100 MPH. So as usual i'm thinking "oh hell no" haha, I jump to 3rd and floor it, warm day and car was running perfect (I love days like that haha) I catch him and slow to his speed were at a 120MPH roll so I tell him to slow down to 40. He says he'll beep, and I signal ok. So he beeps three times (Really fast) and takes off a second or two ahead of me, I catch him at about 90 MPH, then start to gain, we were only racing to the town sign. So as I approach the town sign I look in my rear view and see him about 4 cars back. and I begin to brake. He just does the pissed off ricer thing and flys on by, but its ok haha

    The 08 STI

    Mods: header,downpipe,exhaust (Nothing big)

    So this got started when I went to see my buddy in the evo race this GTO thats running about 575 hp. The STI was there and the guy was talking shit for some reason. So I say "Why talk shit when we can settle this on the road?" He say "True, lets go" So our group of about 20 people pile in the cars and take off to the "Big lots straightaway" and line the sides of the road while me and the STI line up on the line that the girls so kindly painted for us haha He says "We race to the Speed limit sign, we do this one time, no re-dos" so i'm like "Alright then". So our "flag girl" stands in the center of us and raises her arms, We both rev our cars to our preferred launch limit. She drops her arms and we take off, I spin a little but nothing to worry about. The STI jumped ahead a little because of his nice AWD launch haha but I caught up quickly and passed him. I won by about 2.5-3 cars no one could tell exact. Either way good race and I made the kid shut his mouth haha

    Thats all I got for now :(
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    Sounds like the fast and the furious #5
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    nice!! i love street racing as well. Kill list so far is a ford f150 harley davidson, firebird (V8), 03 mustang non GT, a 2.4 lancer ralliart, and a base pontiac G5 2.2 auto lol.

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