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    I have a 2007 cobalt with an automatic transmission. The transmission output seal started leaking so I replaced it only to find the new seal also leaked. I replaced it again and it's still leaking. It is a two piece seal and the inter seal, that fits on the cv axle, does not look like it is properly fitted inside the outer seal. I didn't notice this until after assembling everything and realizing it was still leaking. The outer seal can only be placed in a certain area and the inter seal has to be all the way on the cv axle shaft for it to seal. When I installed the cv axle it seemed to go in all the way and when I pulled on it the keeper seemed to be holding it in place. Everything bolted up as it should but is there a possibility the axle is not inserted into the transmission far enough for the inner and outer seals to properly seal even though everything bolted up perfectly? I can't think of anything else that would be causing the problem. I'll be checking into it tomorrow but wanted you guys advice before starting the repair. Thanks for any advice. UPDATE: I just replaced the seal again and the problem was just what I thought, the axle wasn't inside the transmission far enough for the seals to seat properly. How much distance should there be between the transmission and the cv axle when everything is in it's proper place?
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