Tuning 010 Cobalt XFE for fuel economy

Discussion in 'Tuning' started by rmay635703, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Jul 1, 2010
    I live in a non-emissions state and am a complete newby.

    My previous car an 98 3800 lesabre I had gotten up to 38mpg and I am into getting the best fuel economy, not performance so much. One thing I never did and would have liked to was place the Euro (holden) 3800 lean burn ECU in the lesabre to get a 2-4mpg boost in FE on the highway.

    I am curious is there a Euro version of the Cobalt like an Opel Astra with the same motor that an ECU/ECM image could be matched up to its american cousin?

    If so what fuel economy does it get with the 2.2ltr motor? If it is significantly higher even after converting british MPGs to American I wonder how you could reflash the Cobalt ECU to match?

    I'm not even sure what hardware is needed, on the buick you needed to desolder the flash memory off the ecu, put in a socket reflash the new ecu on a PC then reinstall. Something I would not want to do.

    Thank You for any pointers
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