2006 cobalt lt2 2.2 ecotec cranks but no start

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Benlalden1, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Sep 12, 2018

    • Ok so here is the gist of it, my mother had a 2010 cobalt with the 2.2, but somehow something caused the all the rocket arms for the intake valves to shatter. Needless to say she loves the cobalts. So I was able to pick up 2006 cobalt lt2 for $400. 2.2 ecotec. The security light was on and the immobilizer wires were cut. The guy I bought it from from was gonna race it. So i got it home, pulled the immobilizer and ignition from the 2010 and installed it. Did the 30 min relearn and security light went off. But still no dash lights (engine light, seat belt light, abs, etc.)the rest was on. So I pulled the fuse box and found a circuit that had burned in two. I repaired the circuit by soldering a jumper wire. Dash lights all came on. Tried starting, turns over but wont fire. I've since replaced the computer(I had it flashed to my VIN number), ignition control module, the coil, spark plugs, new crankshaft sensor, and replaced coolant sensor. Still turns over but wont start. Also the airbag lights are on, and the information center says service airbag. But using the buttons to the information center they will not return the Info center back to odometer, it will just keep flashing service airbag. I'm at my wits end ready to junk it and tell my mother we gotta find something different. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a list of possible reasons for crank no start or some type of troubleshooting guide?

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