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    Dec 2, 2017
    So my father and I are having some issues with my cobalt. It’s a 2007. He’s my mechanic thankfully but he’s not sure what else to do next.

    My car has been running oddly during idle for the last few days. It’s only during idle, it shakes/bounces and my lights dim back and forth with the bounce. My check engine light has been on for a while, P1174 which we’ve known we had to get fixed, but now I have P0016 as the only code that continues to show up even without driving the car around. We’ve replaced both the sensors and it’s changed nothing. The code only shows up at idle, when we ran the reader while keeping the car around 2k RPM’s it did not show the code until we dropped the car to idle.

    The car runs perfectly fine except the oddities during idle. She has never stalled and it’s just within the last couple days that she sometimes doesn’t start right away.

    I’m still learning about cars but my father isn’t good with the internet so I’m just trying to get some ideas to help him in order to help me. I appreciate any help on what we should be looking at next. Thank you!

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