Slow to build fuel pressure

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    Oct 7, 2017

    I replaced my fuel pump after getting the characteristic gas smell and hard starting associated with the chevy fuel pump recall. I noted that the plastic fuel lines were cracked and leaking fuel. At the end of the job I forgot to put gas in the tank and was trying start it (long day of work). Finally realized there was no gas and filled the tank up. I worked well for a few weeks, then it was hard starting and getting worse. Now you can hear the fuel pump come on and then turn off but reading the pressure while doing this shows it does not build pressure until it starts cranking (and it is slow at that). After it gets up to pressure it starts and runs without a problem, but shut it off and the pressure drains out quickly. It will only maintain about 8 psi seconds after you shut the car off. I took a video of the fuel pressure gauge attached to the schrader valve at the fuel rail.

    Always appreciative of input

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