2005 Cobalt Dirt track

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    I have been working on my 2005 Chevy Cobalt turning it into a Saturday night dirt track racer in the 4 cylinder mini stock class. I recently hit a snag with the car. While stripping the car of all the street trim stuff I was careful with the wiring harness by unplugging connectors and unbolting ground locations. I've had the car up and running in the garage on several occasions afterwards. Things were looking good. I made a point to tell everyone to leave the wiring to me. Well I came to the garage and was told the car don't start. I said it was running fine when I left it. Well come to find out my father got in a big hurry to get the car "Done" and stuffed the entire wiring up under the sheet metal dash.

    On this past Saturday afternoon I went to see what I could find out with it. I pulled that mess back out from under the dash and found he never grounded two separate ground bundles. I grounded them and tried it. Still nothing, No clicks of the starter, no crank. Next item I found was he never plugged the instrument cluster back in. I plugged that in and the odometer lights up and the high beam indicator is on but NO Malfunction indicator lamp with the key on. I went to the garage I work at and borrowed the shop snap on scanner and was unable to communicate with the ECM. I also found that the powertrain relay is not powering up the ECM, INJECTORS & EMISSIONS fuses. I am thinking because he didn't have the ground connectors grounded and attempted to start it that the ECM went looking for the shortest path to ground and spiked it.

    I would like to know if a stand alone ECM and harness is available for the 2.2L Eco Tech for use with a manual trans? I just need a factory tune and a couple relays for the fuel pump and cooling fan. I am not sure what else to do at this point. I do not have the capability to program a replacement ECM.

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