2008 Chevy Cobalt Battery Always Dying

Discussion in 'LS, LT, LTZ' started by Gabrielle Bumpus, Jun 13, 2019 at 2:09 AM.

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    I have a 2008 cobalt Lt. I bought it about a year ago as soon as I took it home, I realized the locks were constantly unlocking itself. I disconnected the wires where I need to manually lock and unlock everything now. Within the first week of owning it the battery would not charge and I needed a new one. So I immediately replaced it. My brand new battery lasted maybe 3 months and I needed a new one again (Walmart confirmed it was a trashed battery so I got a new one free) After 2 weeks of having the second new battery, each day that I tried to start it, it needed to be jump started. I checked all fuses and everything was fine, my dad is also a car builder and he had no idea what was causing my battery to constantly drain, other than possibly a new alternator. The mechanic we took it to couldn't find a solution, and three weeks of holding my car and doing testing, he mentioned it could be the alternator. I got it replaced and it seemed to work!... Fast forward 2 months later, my car is doing the same thing AGAIN. Since I've had the car, the blinker's sound randomly doesn't work, the radio will also randomly turn blank and shut music off. Could this be a bad grounding in the car? How could I test for a bad grounding? And is any one else having these same issues?

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