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    What is the new 2008 Cobalt SS?
    The SS is a new addition to the Cobalt passenger car model lineup. It combines comfort and economy with uncompromising performance, including a turbocharged and intercooled Ecotec 2.0L engine, unique interior, and unique exterior styling.

    Was the Cobalt SS Discontinued for 2008?
    The 2.0L Cobalt SS Supercharged coupe that was available 2005-2007 was discontinued for 2008. The 2.4L Cobalt SS coupe/sedan that was available 2006-2007 was discontinued for 2008. 2008 will get a late addition of the new 2.0L Cobalt SS Turbocharged. So in short, 2008 will have a Cobalt SS.

    What is the official name of the 2008 Cobalt SS?
    According the GM vin code card, the 2008 Cobalt SS does not have the “Turbocharged” in the official name as the 2005-2007 Cobalt SS Supercharged did. It is simply called Cobalt SS because there will be no additional SS’s so there is no need to distinguish this.

    What is the 2008 Cobalt SS 0-60, quarter-mile, and top speed?
    0-60 mph is approximately 5.7 seconds.
    Quarter-mile is approximately 14.1 seconds.
    Top speed is more than 160 mph.

    Will the 2008 Cobalt SS be offered as a sedan?
    Yes. A sedan is planned after the coupe rollout

    What colors does the 2008 Cobalt SS come in?
    Victory Red, Black, Ultra Silver Metallic, Imperial Blue, Rally Yellow, Sport Red Tintcoat and White.

    Does the 2008 Cobalt SS come with an automatic transition?

    What is the “no lift shift” feature?
    “No lift shift” allows the driver to shift the manual transmission without taking your foot of the accelerator. This feature maximizes acceleration and gear changes for better track times.

    Is there preliminary pricing for the 2008 Cobalt SS?
    Pricing is not available at this time, but we are speculating a starting price around $25,000.

    When can I buy it?
    Second quarter of 2008

    My Cobalt SS makes a variable ticking sound, is this normal?
    Yes the clicking is normal from the engine. The LNF uses a cam driven fuel pump with a high pressure solenoid to provide the 2000+ psi of fuel pressure the direct injection system requires under load. The clicking is the solenoid opening and closing and is a common feature of all DI engines (Mazda 2.3L, BMW 3.0L, Cady 3.6L).

    My Cobalt SS is only reaching 14~17 psi, is this normal?
    The LNF's Turbo builds boost to demand levels, so depending on your region you may never see the full 20 psi. Seeing 14~17 psi on average is normal and within functioning values. You're still making 260 HP without having to hit the max 20 psi.

    What turbocharger is in the Cobalt SS?
    The Cobalt SS (along with all other LNF based cars) use the Borg-Warner K04 turbocharger. The trim level is unknown at this time. This particular model (however not the same trim levels) is used in some Audi/VW cars (TT/Passat) and is a popular upgrade for Audi/VW cars that use the smaller K03.

    What ECU does the Cobalt SS use?
    The LNF engines use the new Bosch MED9.6 ECM.

    Does the Cobalt SS have a Wideband sensor?
    Yes, the LNF engine uses a Wideband sensor as part of the control loop in keeping the engine in check. The sensors readouts can be monitored by various ODBII scanners.

    My car is making a lot of soot, is this normal?
    Yes, like the ticking the soot is an unfortunate side effect of running a SIDI engine. Using a metal polish or long lasting auto wax on the tail pipe will help make cleaning easier.

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    ]What is are the SAE Horsepower & Torque Ratings for the LNF L850?
    262HP at 5300 RPM & 261TQ at 2000 RPM

    Will there be GM Certified Stage Kits available?
    Although there are rumors, GM currently does not offer any stage kits for the LNF motor.
    But keep in mind that the platform is still very new so with any hope the stage kits will follow soon.
    *Interesting discovery for the Solstice Race Concept: http://cobaltss.net/forums/showthread.php?t=82752

    What are some of the major upgrades for the Turbocharged Cobalt over the Supercharged version?
    • The Turbocharged Cobalt will include Brembo 4-piston front & 1-piston rear vented disc brakes.
    • Factory Short Throw Shifter
    • Improved electronic power steering with a quick 14.8:1 ratio (20-percent quicker than other Cobalt models).
    • StabiliTrak electronic stability control system
    • 3.82:1 final drive ratio.
    • No-lift WOT upshift
    • Direct Fuel Injection with Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

    Is there going to be Tuning available?
    The LNF has already spent a year in the Pontiac Solstice GXP & Saturn Sky Redline so some tuning has already begun. HPTuners has a beta release but it can't fully control the engine yet. The tuning is still very immature and not full featured at this time.
    One of the major hurdels of tuning the LNF is the complexity involved in tuning the Direct Fuel Injection.

    Are there any Pictures available?
    You can find SEMA Pictures here and a few here

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    Is there any official GM documentation on this engine & transmission?
    Yes, as of the start of SEMA 2007 GM updated the GM Powertrain 2008 documentation to include the Cobalt SS application for the LNF and the new Cobalt SS transmission.

    What are the difference between the previous LSJ and the newer LNF besides being Turbocharged?
    Short answer is VVT, SIDI, Turbocharged, GenII EcoTec block, and various other changes. For a detailed answer compare the GM Powertrain documentation of the two against each other.
    LSJ - http://media.gm.com/us/powertrain/en...J 031006.xls
    LNF - http://media.gm.com/us/powertrain/en...tec/08_LNF.xls

    What is this "No-lift shift?"
    No-lift shift: An algorithm in the engine's controller allows upshifts to be performed very quickly without lifting the throttle. What this means is that when shifting from 1st to 2nd you can keep your foot fully down on the accelerator and then shift to 2nd instead of lifting like one normally would. The computer then matches the throttle and gears correctly to engage the next gear while maintaining some level of boost. This helps prevent time lost from having to physically repress the gas pedal and saves time and power while maintaining boost. This is a new feature on the HHR SS and Cobalt SS and is not found on the Solstice GXP or Sky Redline.

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