Drove through standing water at work, car stalled, am o screwed?

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    Aug 9, 2019
    I own a 2015 1.8l cruze, I was leaving work tonight and had to drive through standing water to exit the parking lot. The water was deeper than I thought but I made it through, my engine started to sputter and stalled about 20 ft later. I tried to crank it and it turns over and sputters, even idles for a bit but stalls out after about 3-5 seconds. I dont want to give it any gas bc I dont know if its hydrolocked (I'm guessing not bc it still tries to idle) could it just be water in the plug holes? Or maybe a short in one of the coils? I need outside opinions or something to keep me from driving myself insane with negativity. I really hope it isnt borderline hydrolocked. I've only tried to crank it twice since it happened(first time it was only the starter trying to crank it, second it idled for around 5 seconds and died again.) It really wants to crank and run but sounds like it's only firing on 3 cylinders. I havent heard any bangs pops or booms, the only concerning noise I heard was a squeal, but I think that was just a wet belt from the water that I assume splashed in my engine bay. I'm praying it's just not getting spark to one of them. I love this car and I would hate to have it totaled out by my insurance company.

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