I passed out while driving, and used this neat trick my wife HATES

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    ...I wake up in the hospital after a heart attack and my wife has bought a 2008 LT sedan for us to get around in while I recover.

    Long story short we've been struggling and renting cars to run food deliveries and other such driving jobs and I literally worked myself to death. Thankfully everything is pretty much covered and the rental I was in escaped damage, but now we need to get this car in better shape. I'll post pictures if it ever stops raining. Nothing any of you kids haven't seen before, 4 lug steel wheels, has power windows and cruise control, but a plain radio/CD and cloth seats. It's got one hubcap missing, one cracked, and needs a good cleaning inside and out.

    I'm looking at maybe, since it needs two tires anyway, just get a set of four tires/wheels from something else. For that I think I need 57.1mm center bore, 4x100 lug, 42m positive offset. Wheels on it are 15's, I think. Honda has too a tight center bore to consider them, but wonder how hard it is to shave 1mm out to clear hubs. New Fit Sport wheels would look nice I think (that's what my parents drive). ut most of the 4x100 stuff I'm seeing locally in Ohio is Honda stuff. So the center bore becomes the problem.

    Screw it, hubcaps are $4 each at pick n pull and they have 28 Cobalts there plus a few G5's and HHR's and IONs. Can't not have a single one in there unless someone's been shooting them as clay overnight.
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    So what did you go with?

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