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    Apr 28, 2016
    Hello all. I guess I never really did an intro on this forum although I first became a member 3-4 years ago and have posted several times since.
    But, today, I am sorry to say that my membership in the Cobalt Owners club has ended. My daughter traded in her 2007 last summer and we traded in my wife's 2009 a month ago. My daughter picked up a 2015 Cruze and my wife is now driving a 2015 Ford Fusion....yah, I know, but I really don't have anything against Ford even though it is the first non-Chevy I have bought since the 80's. I had good luck with both cars and my wifes 2009 had 225,000 hard miles on it when we got rid of it. It was still running strong, but she kissed a guard rail and we figured it was time.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here that nursed me through several repairs and questions with my two Cobalts.
    Good Bye,

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