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    Trifecta LNF Tuning Solutions​

    It’s a beautiful spring morning and you decide to go for an early Sunday morning drive. You open the door and get in your car, turn the key and your engine roars to life. You rev the motor to hear the beautiful sound your LNF motor makes, the spooling of the turbo. Time comes to back out of your driveway and off you go. You get on the highway and rip through the gears. The car is fun to drive, but you wish it had just a little more go. You’ve debated adding aftermarket parts but are still concerned about the warranty.

    Vince Trifecta of Trifecta Performance now has a solution to solve your problem.

    What is the solution you mentioned?
    The tune is known as the ‘Infiniboost tune’. This will raise the boost to 23-24 psi. This creates additional power then the original tune could provide. Gains of over 30 hp and 45 lb/tq have been seen using the ‘Infiniboost tune’. This is ideal for customers that want the most out of their LNF motor without worrying about warranty issues.

    What about the warranty?
    Both the ‘Original tune’ and ‘Infiniboost tunes’ have a feature that is known as “hide-a-tune”. This simply means that when you bring your car to the dealer for warranty work the dealer will be unable to find the tune when plugging in his equipment.

    What is the selectable tune feature?
    With the ‘Infiniboost’ tune you are able to turn on the tune with a push of the button. By simply pressing and holding the traction control button, you are able to turn the tune on or off. This allows you to keep the tune hidden from not only the dealers but from friends and family. This is an ideal solution if you have someone that drives your car that you don’t necessarily want having additional power. This is a great feature to have if your car is a daily driver. In poor weather conditions you will be able to resort back to your factory settings aiding in driving safely.

    How does the selectable tune feature work though?
    You simply press and hold the traction control button. You will see ‘ESC OFF’ pop up on your screen. You then engage cruise control. This will engage ‘Competition mode’. You will then see the 23-24 psi. Simply turn off the cruise control and reengage the traction control and your back to factory settings.

    Where can I buy this Tune?
    There are many reputable tuners out there. Vince Trifecta has partnered up with both performance shops and individual tuners. Of course we at Raw American Muscle would appreciate your business. Click here if your are ready to purchase the Trifecta tune.
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    This is a good tuning solution, just remember kids that your turbo and ring lands wont like you if you want 27psi with the stock turbo.

    That being said I'm planning on getting this tune from Vince after I get charge pipes and am going to aim for the 23-24psi mark.

    Also doesn't work OP. Neither does hmm... maybe its my end.

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