UPDATED Reward Points - Earn Cash back - Tell your friends and make $$

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Sep 29, 2010
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UPDATED Reward Points - Earn Cash back - Tell your friends and make $$

we have retired the old 10% off codes and we switched to a points system. there is a few reason.
people often forget to input the code, dont know about the code or just dont know where to put it.
this is our gain when this happens and the customers loss .. many business ,retailers and alike love when this happens . but we are not one of them sort of business we would rather it be our loss and your gain . ..atleast in some cases.

so we changed the 5% back in reward points program to offer 10% back so now you simply place an order and you earn 10% back on every $1 of every order you place. these points can then be redeemed for money off your future orders at any time. and since a large number of our customers come back often then its win win. hey even a $1 here or $5 there or $10 here off an order is a great deal right? the more you spend and the more often you shop the more you will earn. as well as special promo items will be posted and earn you x2 reward points or bonus points . more details on that later.

think of it as a discount that you can keep adding to. sure today you buy something and end up with $5 off your next order. but after a few months perhaps you could end up with $20 off your order. and no min order to redeem the points either so your next order could be free!.
also many of our customers buy in sets of 2 or 3 hid kits as they resell or they order for their friends . so you would earn them points as well. ..

and we are still running the send your friends program and make $5 for every 2 friends you send that orders.

anywho. this is longer then i thought it would be but here are the details


full details at The Grafx Shop - Automotive vinyl - HID KITS - SMD LEDS - Accessories

as always we ship word wide. most items ship for free.
if your buying more then one hid kit or a few different items. ask for us a better rate on shipping or even possible discount on buying. depends on amounts. buy 3 hid kits and we ship them for free!
always some sort of promo or deal to be made. and it never hurts to ask.!

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