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  • I've done both. But the nightshade is better. It's not as hard as you think. No smudging or smearing. Light sanding to the lights, hit it with one coat first then wait aminute or so and go with another coat. For my color I'd do five to six light coats. Do both lights at the same time so they're the same color. Vinyl tint is a bit hard cuz you have to heat the vinyl so u can stretch it over the side. Making sure u get no creases. Let me know which way u go and I'll help
    I painted mine with VHT nightshades. Measured my white revers circle and Made a circle on tape with a compass. Cut it out and applied to the light. Then painted
    You think 17s would still look decent because I am practically set on wanting to buy these but of course they only come in 17x7, that's the only option.
    Yes 7.5 is the width of the rim
    17x7 is fine, I would get 18s but that my opinion.
    I really like those wheels.
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