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  • hey man sick ride!... what size are your rims, and are you riding on coil overs or lowering springs, and if springs what sizes did you go with?
    alright yeah i think i'm going to stick to vinyl just in case i have to take it off for any reason. i'm just thinking of how i can do the circle cut out on a vinyl sheet. the heat gun is no problem..the vinyl i'm getting is for the cobalt tails so it shouldn't be too hard to evenly stretch around but hey if it turns out bad, i can just peel it off. no big deal. any ideas on doing the circle cut out with the vinyl?
    ahh alright. i was hoping to stay away from the paint only because i've seen too many people **** it up by streaking the paint and what not. i can't tell from your signature all too well but it looks like it turned out pretty well. let me know what you think in terms of nightshade vs. vinyl tint.
    do your tail lights have sticker tint on them or are did you buy smoked tails like that? because the tint with the open white circle looks great and was hoping to do something like that to mine.
    hey can u help me to do da same thing on my car dammm look awseom ? pliz and i realy dnt know about cars bt can u tel me how to take out dos partas i want to paint everyng that its inside
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