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  • Yeah man, I got the might banhammer,lol. I was making fun of CC08 because he was acting retarded as usual. Later on I guess his mom had surgery and people made joke about his mom or something (I wasn't). I posted a thread asking why the Random thread was closed and got banned. The reason "Stop trying to stir up trouble". It's pretty ridiculous espicially when CC08 was calling me a douchebag and stuff,lol.
    Not sayin till it's done, might be 2 years before I can do that, my SS/TC is on the path to being my track whore so appearance won't mean a thing, all performance with that car, my thought is I need to pick up a ss/sc and do majority appearance mods to it. If I find myself in a really good job anytime soon making good money I will get my friends ss/sc before he trades it in for a truck. Then I can have my track whore, a good MPG DD, and I will be getting a truck for towing the track whore and of course for winter up here a truck is much preferred to a car........there is like 20inches of snow right now from the past few weeks, :( it won't go away it just keeps piling up, the roads are made of ice now and they look like the bumpy road suspension test section at GM, not washboard roads, worse, entirely random terrain :( I fear I am going to hit a worn down section and take off my front end on ice sticking out too far.
    I can't wait to see what you come up with, if it turns out good I would love to see about sending you my projectors and having you do something similar inside them or maybe something completely different like a tri-projector headlight lol something totally different and 100% custom never gunna see it anywhere else.........Now you got me thinkin about off the wall appearance mods again lol i have had several very interesting ideas that one day I hope to do on my cobalt.
    As soon as the money comes in. I'll be sure and keep you updated on how they work out.
    im getting everything ready so when i come back i can install and ride out. Hotswaps and B&G's are enroute. plus i have the SS bumper w/ lip and sideskirts
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